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New automated betting strategy for sprinters added to site

Saturday, September 1st, 2012

A new automated betting strategy has been added to the members’ area on the site.

It runs in real-time every day considering all sprint races in the UK and Ireland, using the same techniques described in Automatic Exchange Betting to select and schedule races automatically.

This robot considers each Flat sprint race (ie. 5 and 6 furlong races) 1 minute before the offtime and assesses all contenders against variables derived entirely from the Smartform database. Eight variables are used, each converted to a numerical value, then a simple average is taken of all. The robot simply backs the top rated from these averages. It could be a lot more sophisticated (the variables could be weighted or could form inputs to a neural network). Further a value price could be derived from backtested results (or any other method of determining a price) and bets made only on the contenders that exceed the value price or exceed it by some margin.

However, the top rated average on its own produces a recommendation per race and is at least interesting enough in recent backtesting to show it live on the site to £2 stakes. If you catch it just before the race from the link at this page you will see the recommendations as they are bet, together with results and recommendations from any previous sprint races on the day.